Hi, we are Cloud Corridor.

Cloud Corridor provides companies with the ability to augment their staff for specific technology projects. By contracting our experienced development team for distinct roles within a dedicated project, companies effectively and efficiently add expertise for only their desired time frame. In most cases, this level of talent and expertise is unavailable for direct hire in local markets -- at any cost.

About Us

Cloud Corridor was born out of our CEO spending decades assessing talent in the staffing industry. However, he also dedicated every minute of his free time to another passion: designing software solutions. Like most entrepreneurs, he struggled to find affordable, high-quality, committed developers. Development became the greatest hurdle in converting any of these passion projects from hobbies into profitable businesses - until he was introduced to our CTO, a developer from the Tricity area in Poland.


Every client is different, and our contracts address the specific unique scope of work required for each individual project. Yet, there are fundamental areas that must be consistently addressed at some point in all projects. Our years of experience help to address these areas.

Our Team

The Cloud Corridor Team has worked together over the years on various projects. During these projects, there was always one common thread: our commitment to challenging the easy way in favor of doing things the right way. Our goal is simple. We want to work together and enjoy what we do every day, while finding others who share in these values to serve top-notch results to our clients. If you’re looking to partner with a highly accomplished and enthusiastic team, contact us today.

Customer Stories

Due to NDA requirements in most of Cloud Corridor contracts, rarely can we speak publicly about the actual details of the work we have successfully completed for our clients. Fortunately, the same clients who require the NDA's will gladly speak to prospects on our behalf. Direct client references are always provided as part of our standard operating procedures prior to entering any new contracts.

  • Othot


    About Othot: Our cloud-based predictive analytics software solution uses artificial intelligence to deliver insights to help you make decisions across the student lifecycle. Through simple interactions, our software shows you who is most likely to enroll and to persist and where to focus your resources for the greatest impact. You can do more with less time and resources.

  • Cleanline Tasman

    Cleanline Tasman

    About CleanlineTasman: For a quarter of a century, companies throughout New Zealand have been partnering with us for their procurement of work apparel, safety, hygiene consumables and chemicals.

  • International Functional Fitness Federation

    International Functional Fitness Federation

    The International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3) is the non-profit governing body working to bring Functional Fitness to the Olympic Games. They provide international leadership, structure, and resources to fuel the growth of functional fitness as a sport as well as enrich the experience and safety of its worldwide participants.

Initiatives and Projects

Our team loves to give back to the Tricity area and beyond whenever we can. Generally, we attempt to focus on teaching and preaching the value of doing quality development the first time. We are obsessed with continually sharing the knowledge we possess, while learning from the very students we teach.

  • Git Guts

    Git Guts

    Git Gits is an initiative meant to educate developers with every level of experience on the most popular version control system worldwide - git. Its purpose is to show git from practical perspective in the form of BYOD workshops and presentations with topics like: introduction to git, git repository structure (internal), hooks configuration, useful tooling and more.

  • ReactUp


    ReactUp is a React and React Native Meetup located in Tricity area of Poland. It gives local developers a place to share their knowledge and passion about React ecosystem but also JavaScript in general. Each meeting is filled with knowledge because of its structure: 3 presentation (~30 minute long), Q&A sessions and networking.

  • NJ Tech Council

    NJ Tech Council

    The New Jersey Tech Council provides business development, education, networking and recognition opportunities. As well as advocacy for the state and region‘s technology businesses. By collectively representing tech, life science and tech-related companies and organizations as well as the professional firms that support them.