Hi, we are Cloud Corridor.

About Us

Cloud Corridor was born out of our CEO spending decades assessing talent in the staffing industry. However, he also dedicated every minute of his free time to another passion: designing software solutions. Like most entrepreneurs, he struggled to find affordable, high-quality, committed developers. Development became the greatest hurdle in converting any of these passion projects from hobbies into profitable businesses - until he was introduced to our CTO, a developer from the Tricity area in Poland.

Development was no longer the greatest challenge. The duo started with a sports update product that was professionally recognized by Google Cloud Platforms Youtube Blog “Root Access”. The next product they created leveraged Pinterest API’s. The product quickly developed a growing and passionate fanbase. It could not be fully released due to business restrictions on the Pinterest application development program, but the team overcame every technical issue that arose throughout the process - despite only having a “free time” bootstrap budget. Our founders were committed to quality over profit. They knew that their name would be associated with any product, but they also believed it most important that they place the customer's needs first.

Immediately realizing how unique this pairing was in the software development field, our founders knew they needed to convert their passion for quality development and dedication to placing clients first into the focus of a business. Thus, they designed a selective project-screening process to transition from developing passion projects to Cloud Corridor specialists in contract-based Staffing Augmentation.

Our secret sauce is our commitment to the Tricity area of Poland and the quality of our people. As our CTO continued to teach and train in the Tricity area, other top quality developers who shared our values asked how they could be part of Cloud Corridor. All of Cloud Corridor contractors work exclusively with a single client on a dedicated contract, and all of them are located in the Tricity area.

Our mission is to be an exclusive, quality organization based entirely on respect and trust of our team and clients. We select only the world's best developers and leverage a selective project-screening process to ensure project success.