Hi, we are Cloud Corridor.


Every client is different, and our contracts address the specific unique scope of work required for each individual project. Yet, there are fundamental areas that must be consistently addressed at some point in all projects. Our years of experience help to address these areas.

A few of the key areas we are often contracted to assist with include (but are not limited to):

  • Cloud-based software development

    Although our team and available for-contract resources are adept in all areas of Cloud-Based software development, every project starts with the initial iteration. No other phase is as important as the initial proof of concept or minimal viable product, because it is the degree of success in this area that determines the long term viability and overall resources that will be allocated to a project. Our team members are often contracted to design, architect, and develop an MVP or POC that is used to prove the viability of a larger project.

  • Application architecture design

    Developing a sustainable and scalable modern solution requires the ability to foresee the unseen and design accordingly. Our team has encountered multitudes of challenges through its ongoing experience, on various projects. Being able to adapt and problem-solve creatively is critical -- but we believe foreseeing and developing adaptable solutions in advance to committing anything to code is exponentially more efficient. Thus, our developers have the ability to visualize a project prior to developing code, ensuring that the solution is a long-term one. This has proven time and time again to be much more cost-effective in the long run, avoiding issues before they may arise. All of the developers that we work worth are trained to think before they do. Our developers question and review what can and will go wrong, confirming they understand how these things will be addressed prior to logging extensive time developing a code that requires immediate and/or extensive rework. This approach, foreign to many other developers, forms the basis of how we work on any project.

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery pipelines development and deployment

    Technical debt is a reality of any project. However, the rate at which it accumulates is a business decision. In many projects, the choice of how and when to address and prevent the debt will determine the project’s overall effectiveness. Cloud Corridor assists clients in the design, implementation, and maintenance of continuous integration and delivery pipelines. Although it may not be the most fun part of a project, we understand how important it can be to your project’s success, and as such is a key focus of our firm's practice.

  • Legacy system integration development

    Waste and inefficiency are an engineer’s worst nightmare. Although starting from scratch with a blank paper and limitless budget may be every companies dream, it is rarely the reality. Cloud Corridor team members are uniquely adept at determining the best ways to effectively modernize and improve legacy systems, whether that means extending their useful life or painlessly transitioning the system’s sunset to a newer, more scalable alternative. Our approach includes the use and development of sustainable and scalable solutions. These techniques may include but are not limited to API’s, Microservices and direct integrations.