Hi, we are Cloud Corridor.

Our Team

The Cloud Corridor Team has worked together over the years on various projects. During these projects, there was always one common thread: our commitment to challenging the easy way in favor of doing things the right way. Our goal is simple. We want to work together and enjoy what we do every day, while finding others who share in these values to serve top-notch results to our clients. If you’re looking to partner with a highly accomplished and enthusiastic team, contact us today.

  • Dennis Harabin

    Dennis Harabin

    Chief Executive Officer

    Dennis has seen all aspects of the professional staffing industry, starting in the 1990s when he helped an NJ-based staffing firm merge with 13 others. They became the entity that IPOed as Acsys Inc. in 1997. ACSYS survives today as part of Randstad Holdings (RANJY). Dennis then moved on to another industry leader to design the Knowledge Exchange ™, which acted as the brains and primary functionality of Kforce.com’s fully automated staffing engine. At the time Kforce.com was the online self-service arm of Romac International and Sources Services brick and mortar operations. During his tenure, the three entries consolidated to become the current Kforce (KFRC).

    Empowered by the lessons of his Dot-Com Bowl experiences at Kforce.com, Dennis became passionate about helping companies develop game-changing solutions in a fiscally responsible manner. Cloud Corridor is a result of this passion, with a laser focus on quality over quantity and a results-over- revenue approach to project-based IT staffing.
  • Łukasz Rybka

    Łukasz Rybka

    Chief Technology Officer

    Throughout his career, Łukasz has been a programmer, an architect, team leader, freelancer, consultant and technical director. He's passionate about self-improvement and knowledge sharing. Professionally he has many faces - frontend developer by passion, full stack developer out of curiosity, and DevOps when he needs to be. Łukasz spent most of his career with the educational industry, software automation and ALM-class solutions (Application Lifecycle Management systems). He is constantly fascinated by integration and legacy systems problems.
  • Bartosz Cytrowski

    Bartosz Cytrowski

    Senior Front-end Web Developer

    Bartosz is the Designer and UX specialist focused on coding efficient, data-intensive user interfaces using JavaScript and TypeScript. His libraries of choice are React, Redux and Ramda. Bartosz has been working with web apps since 2006, when he started coding HTML and CSS. He has experience with full-stack development using many different languages, but recently his work is mostly with NodeJS-based ones. As a side project, he does programming bootcamps at any level of experience. Bartosz has spent about 3,000 hours teaching and handling groups of 8-16 people in his bootcamps.
  • Mateusz Hals

    Mateusz Hals

    Infrastructure Cloud Consultant (GCP)

    Mateusz deals with cloud technologies. He's focused on the Google public cloud - Google Cloud Platform. A trained business analyst who has evolved to a Professional Cloud Architect. A huge fan of integration and automation, a supporter of Kubernetes and SaaS solutions, serverless path advocate. He is fascinated with technologies that support smart cities like standard operating procedures, key performance indicators, forecasting the noise in cities, dust levels pollination indicators (e.g. PM10, PM2.5) and many others. Always willing to help, constantly curious and willing to learn himself. He devotes his free time to self-improvement, cloud news and news about Smart Cities. His motto is: "only imagination limits us".